We are a team of highly skilled and experienced traders and fund managers specialising in online forex trading. Our expertise, skills and experience combined with our intensive ongoing training ensures that we are, ultimately, good at what we do. 


Through our powerful, robust and effective strategies, we strive to help our clients safely invest in the forex market and achieve their long-term financial goals. 

Our speciality

At FX Limitless, currencies are not only our area of expertise, they are our passion. 


After trading in a broad range of commodities including stocks, metals and energies, we quickly realised that currency is the most volatile and profitable traded instrument. This realisation led to our decision to fine-tune our skills and focus only on currencies so that we can offer our clients specialised expertise and the most effective advice. To ensure the best possible outcomes for both us and our clients, we developed, implemented and tested a range of strategies until we perfected a portfolio that caters to all types of investments.

Our portfolio 

Our portfolio operates under a MAM (Multi Account Manager) account, allocating a certain amount of our initial investment as the manager’s capital. We’re unable to withdraw from this account, which provides an additional incentive for us to be cautious in our trading and added assurance for you that your money is in safe hands. 

Our approach

We work closely with each of our clients and take the time to get to know you and your goals, whether you’re planning for retirement, are looking for extra income or are saving for a large purchase. We’ll design a proposal that clearly explains our terms including the percentage of your share of the profit. From here, we’ll help you manage your account, mitigate your risks and maximise your rewards as effectively as possible. 


We know that the forex market can often be intimidating and hard to navigate, and that’s why we endeavour to make it as easy and safe for our clients as possible. With tailored advice and custom strategies, we’ll help you achieve financial success whatever it is you’re aiming for. 

Additionally, we offer safe investments, low drawdowns, low performance fees and regulated funds, ensuring the greatest results without sacrificing your peace of mind. We are proud of our reputation as a trusted, transparent and reliable fund manager, and intend on keeping it that way. 

Our competitive compensation rates